“The Council noted that she was very responsive to the estate’s demands, be it in the area of infrastructure and work processes.  The Council is also appreciative that through her meticulousness, she spotted some details in a servicing contract that could save the estate some money” A Council Member of Legend@Jansen
“They are very responsive to the estate with their professional  knowledge in technical issues and diligence. Their staffs also possess a very natural pleasant character and worksclosely and very well with members of the Management Council and residents”  A Council Member of Crescendo Building
“We find their staff responsible and diligent in assisting us on the operation and administration of our estate”  A Council Member of Cassia View
“She knows our site well and I’m confident with her good attitude and behavior” A Council Member of Hillington Green
“She is responsive to our Council’s queries and always cheerful in our dealings” A Council Member Rose Maison
“She works even at odd hours in times of need and has effectively assisted in improving operations and administration of our estate in close cooperation with our estate manager. We are extremely pleased with her service”  A Council Member of Vista Park
“She has shown her abilities in handling most of the urgent matters pertaining to the smooth functioning of our estate. Some of these matters at time happened over weekend and public holidays. Her performance in handling three of our major projects in year 2013 which involved repainting of apartment, replacement of fire water tanks and penthouse glass walls is highly commendable” A Council Member of Seaview Point